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This One Marketing is a Victoria BC marketing agency that makes the scaleable benefits of AI marketing strategy and digital engagement solutions accessible to small and medium-sized businesses, globally.


  • AI marketing consulting services that automate ROI improvements by design.
  • Train small and medium-sized businesses to develop their own custom marketing algorithm strategies.
  • Artificially intelligent marketing solutions that bring search and social algorithm strategies and behavioural design thinking + together.

Search-engine-optimization (SEO) best-practices can be difficult to keep up with and apply.ย  Grow your organic web traffic and secure a steady stream of leads that are finding what you offer on search engines.

Learn more about our SEO services here.

Your website is an important touch-point to potential customers looking for what you offer. Win them over before they reach out with a website that’s easy to find on search engines, and intuitive to navigate.

Check out our website development and design services here.

Content creation is important for growing your digital presence and brand reach, but doing it well takes time and skill. Buy yourself time and let us help you with your web and social media content so you can do more of what’s important.

Learn more about our small business content creation services here.

Great content doesn’t matter if it’s not getting seen by your target market. Our content promotion services and digital distribution strategies make sure your content is showing up where it’s most helpful online.

Discover how our content promotion and distribution services can help get your brand noticed today.

Engage your audience on platforms that convert with our turnkey social media management services.

Find out how we can help you outsmart your competition with our turnkey social media solutions here.

Boost your online presence and stand out from the competition with our digital advertising services and custom advertising algorithm strategies that maximize the return on your ad spend.

See how our digital advertising solutions can help here.

Our online reputation repair and SEO reputation management services make sure you’re putting your best foot forward online. Whether you’re needing help positioning yourself as a thought-leader or needing to hide a negative search result that wasn’t your fault, we can help you.

Learn more out our reputation and online reviews management services here.

Discover how AI marketing strategy and digital engagement solutions can boost your profit-drivers while reducing costs over time.

We’re the leader in marketing algorithm strategies for social media and search engine machine learning applications.

Digital growth consultations starting at $199 USD per hour.






We assess the current systems, tools and goals of our client and provide a general digital growth strategy outline overview.

During this stage we review existing digital strategy and online properties the client has. Current marketing automation software, sales funnels, customer surveys, keyword research, website analytics and buyer persona assets are accounted for.


Once we’ve assessed the client’s digital capabilities and assets, we build out a digital strategy and establish key performance indicators (KPIs) for success.

After diagnostics are done we do a competitor analysis, market segment development, create a new sales funnel, establish outreach methods, develop a search engine optimization (SEO) keyword strategy and what KPIs to measure.


Once KPIs are established, we implement measurement systems to capture and record the data and establish baselines.

In addition to traditional KPIs, we establish competitor and SEO keyword rankings for a baseline to measure the future effectiveness of the newly defined digital strategy.


We review, restructure, index and repurpose your existing content and identify content gaps to fill.

We take stock of your written content like blogs, slide decks, pdf files, presentations, guest posts and videos. Then we apply your SEO keyword strategy to the contents so they are properly indexed for search engines.ย  Written content gets repurposed into video. Remaining content gaps are identified.


We empower your digital team with training and systems to ensure the conditions for success can be met with your existing resources.

We can provide digital training, new marketing protocols, checklists and more tailored systems for your individual team members to optimize your staff to the digital strategy. Ongoing monthly skills training and strategic coaching is also available.


New content is created to fill in the gaps, improve SEO rankings and ready for distribution.

We work with your marketing resources to create quality content and lead magnets that fill information gaps, are optimized for search engines and ready for distribution channels.


Distribution channels are developed to reach the right audience with your strategic content and further propagate online.

We build online properties that engage your target audience segments and offer ongoing management for content staging, scheduling, visibility boosting and other proprietary digital engagement tools.


The website is rebuilt around your KPIs. Marketing automation tools are implemented for continuous improvements on strategic metrics.

We review and provide overall recommendations for deeper integration of marketing automation tools to your website in order to tightly align KPIs and optimize your website for greater output. Your custom marketing automation machine is then built.


Ensure your website, ads and other digital assets are expertly managed by professionals familiar with your digital growth strategy and the KPIs you need to succeed.

Ongoing continuous optimization services for your website properties, analytics, SEO and digital ad management with regular reports.


Discover the latest algorithm strategy research and applied behavioural design insights, tactics and opportunities we share with the public.

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This One Marketing pulls insights from an eclectic background of business and industries that range from medical services to industrial automation & manufacturing, cannabis, hospitality, real estate, mobile applications, non-profits and legacy media. Hear some recent experiences:


Michael Forbes of Ageless Living and COO of Choom

Darragh loves marketing and helping get a message across. He's experienced in many different platforms and marketing channels.

Michael Forbes, Chief Operating Officer, CHOOM Holdings & Forbes Group.


Rhonda Brown of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Victoria

Darragh's willingness to share skills and expertise in business and marketing helped us grow our fund development efforts. He has generously given his time, networks and knowledge to strengthen our organization through marketing, event sponsorship and community engagement.

Rhonda Brown, Executive Director, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Victoria Capital Region.


Robert Smith, Marketing Communications Manager for Praxair

In our work together, I have found Darragh to be a person of integrity who is passionate about his work. He knows his business and products well and works to ensure that all involved have the understanding they need for joint success. Darragh also knows his craft, working to stay on top of marketing trends and market successes. I enjoy working with Darragh and I appreciate his expertise, as well as his openness to share his knowledge about marketing best practices. I highly recommend him.

Rob Smith, Marketing Communications Manager, Praxair USA.


Rob Stewart profile image from Linkedin

I hired Darragh when he was a summer intern going into his final year of University. He worked his way up to leading our marketing charge at LJ & Big Fish Lodge, and was with us for 5 years. He implemented multiple initiatives including marketing automation, leading a group of subcontracting specialists, while overseeing our overall marketing strategy. His focus was on SEO and conversions of web visitors, garnering positive comments from our customers on LJโ€™s web visibility. He was integral in the building of our website, and our Youtube page. Darragh is passionate about his volunteering with Big Brothers and Victoria Hospice, dedicating much of his time to those who really need it.

Rob Stewart, Partner & VP Of Global Sales, LJ Welding Automation.


For partnership enquiries, research requests, public speaking or other business opportunities you can reach us using the form or address below.


805 Gordon St, Victoria, BC V8W 1Z6




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